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Any criminal arrest, from DUI to Felony Assault to Homicide, may dramatically alter your life. These charges can impact your freedom, family, and future. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who listens, with a proven record fighting in court and someone you can trust. Mark combines 19 years of commitment to criminal defense, credibility gained in over 150 jury trials statewide, emphasizing science, to provide a comprehensive defense to all of his clients. Commitment, Credibility, and Calling is our motto and we are here for your EVERY need!

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It should be obvious: the foundation for a DUI prosecution is a breath or blood test showing that your alcohol content was above the .08 legal limit. Read More

Mark DuBiel is asked about his attempts to launch a Veterans Court in the city of Scottsdale

November 11, 2014

Mark DuBiel Instrumental in Superior Court Ruling: Scottsdale Crime Lab Results “Unreliable”

August 28, 2014

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Feliz Friday! It’s Cinco de Mayo!

Jayme Lehman  Comments (0)
Does anyone really need an excuse to eat tacos? Nope.  I’ll be eating tacos, anyway, but go ahead, I’m listening! Today is Cinco de Mayo—not to be confused with Mexico’s Independence Day (that’s on September...


  • We want to express our gratitude to Mr. DuBiel and Ms. Lehman for their help with our case.  Mr. DuBiel and Ms. Lehman showed a lot of patience as our case worked its way thru the legal system.  More importantly though, they were both always very willing to take the time to explain where we were in the process and provide not only their recommendations but all options available for us to consider.  Mr. DuBiel and Ms. Lehman helped make a very stressful time so much easier to cope with.  To sum it up, we were extremely...
  • As a professional in the state of Arizona, my life was turned upside down when I was arrested for an extreme DUI with a BAC of 0.152.  I had never been arrested before and the experience left me in shock and fear about what the future would bring.  I felt my whole way of life was hanging by a thread.  The next morning, I spent hours researching attorneys who were specialized in this area.  I also looked into attorneys who had experience with professional governing boards as I knew my...


  • In May of 2015, while in Arizona for a family affair, I was arrested and charged with an aggravated DUI.  In looking for guidance and possible representation to assist with my DUI case, family members had reached out and consulted with three different sources: all three sources came back and recommended the professional services of Mark DuBiel. From my initial meeting with Mark until my case was completed in April of 2016, Mark and his staff were professional, knowledgeable and accessible.  Residing out of state, there were several nuances of...

    P. from N.Y.

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