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Mark DuBiel is asked about his attempts to launch a Veterans Court in the city of Scottsdale

November 11, 2014

Mark DuBiel Instrumental in Superior Court Ruling: Scottsdale Crime Lab Results “Unreliable”

August 28, 2014

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Ending Veteran Homelessness

by Mark Dubiel  Comments (0)
With Thanksgiving and other holidays right around the corner, now is the time that food banks and shelters see a huge amount of activity, both in terms of those in need and those who give....

Finding a Better Way to Honor Our Veterans

by Mark Dubiel  Comments (0)
Veterans Day is tomorrow, November 11, and marks the day we recognize and honor the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who have served our country. These individuals devoted themselves to protecting the...


  • “A good friend referred me to Mark DuBiel. Upon my initial consultation, I determined Mark would be the best AZ DUI Attorney for my DUI case. From the start, he was professional, thorough, detailed, and honest. I had never been arrested before, and he was extremely comforting during this traumatic, scary, and stressful experience. Mark exercised every resource and potential avenue to get my case dismissed. Due to fortunate circumstances, Mark’s extensive DUI knowledge, his passion for the law, and ability to effectively negotiate my DUI charges were fully dismissed....

    A.T., Phoenix, AZ

  • In March of 2009, my friend and I were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. The items in question were not my own. The police officer also accused me of drinking, which I hadn’t been, and charged me with a ( MIC ) Minor in Consumption of Alcohol without even giving me a breathalyzer test. I felt that I had been charged with two crimes that I hadn’t committed. Mark DuBiel was the first lawyer I have ever had to hire. My entire experience with Mark and his law office...

    S.C., Phoenix, AZ

  • I received a DUI in early April 2009. With my past record of only a few speeding tickets I was scared of the harsh Arizona laws. Referred by a friend, I made the decision to hire a lawyer, Mark DuBiel. Knowing how hard it was to fight a DUI in this state, I heard stories from friends and co-workers of how I didn’t stand a chance. After only 2 court appearances and 4 months time, my case was reduced to only two civil traffic tickets. The day I heard the...

    R.F., Scottsdale, AZ

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